E-Drama and its partnered Exposure Screen Acting Drama Training School aims to become the Stagecoach for adults – a national UK wide franchise offering high quality, practical, easily accessible and affordable drama training and exposure for anyone aged 18 years+ committed to establishing a career within the television and film acting industries.


Our aim is to make quality screen acting drama training and exposure accessible to those people truly committed to achieving a screen acting career. 


At a time when drama training in the UK is reaching crisis point - being extremely expensive and offering entry to the chosen few - E-Drama offers a pioneering 21st century approach to drama training, utilising the latest digital technologies and emerging Web TV broadcast platforms to provide students with intensive acting training, an immersive filming experience, and significant Internet exposure to launch their careers.


It’s no longer enough to have a good headshot to launch an acting career. Today's actors need relevant screen acting training, a quality showreel, and significant exposure for casting agents and directors to identify you as a quality product.


Over the last 20 years there has been a silent revolution in the world of acting. Despite the fact the majority of UK drama schools still teach traditional theatre based acting techniques, significantly the majority of acting jobs are now screen based. These require a completely different set of skills to traditional stage acting.


And this is set to increase. Whilst more and more screen based broadcast platforms are emerging - Facebook, Instagram and mobile broadcasting to name but a few - traditional theatres are being closed and demolished. Classical stage acting is in its death throes. And if you don't know how to act for the screen, your acting skills are dramatically out of date.


A Skillset survey in 2006 on the working life of actors identified that 21% were employed in screen acting jobs (film, TV, commercials) compared to 11% on the stage. To be trained for the screen is absolutely essential to achieving acting success.


E-Drama teaches screen acting providing immersive practical experience in all areas. Students will develop a showreel portfolio of work as they progress through our training to promote their talents. The opportunity to star in a broadcast Web Television drama production is available at the end of our training course.

No Risk, High Quality Screen-Acting Drama Training - Making You The Best Actor You Can Ever Be

E-Drama & The Exposure Drama School Ltd

The Digital Office, 7.35A Nash House, Old Oak Lane, London, NW10 6FD

Web: www.e-drama.co.uk  Telephone: 07976 192209

Companies House Number: 12610574

Email: info@e-drama.co.uk

#bethebestactoryoucaneverbe  -  #beseenbeingthebestactoryoucaneverbe

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