Founder & CEO

Stephen Surridge

"The challenge now facing all media producers is one of relevance. As more and more media and broadcast platforms are created, audiences are now asking: "How is your content relevant to me?"


Today's audiences no longer want to just buy and consume product, they want to BE the product, actively involved in the development of the brand. And the brands that realise this - Facebook, Instagram and YouTube - have become the industry leaders."


Touchlife Productions Ltd aims to take this interactivity further, and create 'living media brands' that have a social and positive impact on the life of the audience.


Stephen Surridge is a dynamic, articulate, confident, competent and charismatic television professional committed to pushing content boundaries and audience interactive participation within original Web Television programme concepts. Having an in-depth understanding and hands-on experience of the entire television production process - from script writing to producing to presenting - Stephen has experience of working on several of the UK’s most iconic TV shows - Brookside, Taggart and The Bill - as well as developing and producing his own original audience interactive TV programme content.


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