Footage from our FREE screen-acting taster workshop - held January 2018

January 25, 2018


Great to see new acting talent getting their first taste of professional screen acting.


You can see how emotion really makes a difference. Those who are feeling strong emotion deliver a much more powerful performance.


An actor needs to know their lines and feel comfortable in front of the camera. The more self conscious appear stiff and struggle to remember their words, limiting the range and impact of their performances.


It's great to see some students already reacting before they speak! This is pivotal to effective screen acting.


And some performers are helping motivate the edit, the blink of an eye, a glance or a head movement naturally progressing the 'cut' of the scene.


It's called the 'moving image' and screen actors need to move to keep us engaged. Those who do deliver a much more engrossing performance.


But across the board the vocal levels are way too loud. The art of screen acting is to create intense intimacy with the audience, even in the most dramatic of moments. And this is often achieved by reducing vocal levels to a whisper - not as easy as it sounds.


Want to learn the art of screen acting? To sign up for our weekly E-Drama workshops,  visit here. 




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