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E-Drama wants you to tell us what is really going on in your lives, and to help shape the drama of the show.


If you've got a dramatic story idea, send it to us.


The most relevant TV shows are the ones that capture the zeitgeist - what is really happening in the world today. We want E-Drama to capture the truth of our lives. If you were to tune into episodes of the show produced today in 30 years time, we want you to say: "That was happening in 2020!"


So if you've got an idea for a soap opera storyline, use the form on this site to send us your idea.


We'll be in touch if we want to develop your idea further.

Storyline Hints & Tips


Remember all shows have a limited budget so no explosions or big budget, special effects ideas. Or car chases or armed seiges involving hundreds of cast and extras.


Like all the best dramas, E-Drama will be about its characters so stories that help us explore and develop our cast in the most original and surprising ways - whilst remaining true to what has already been established - are most likely to be considered.




To get the show up and running, we've already got some storylines developed. But you can help us refine and develop these by sharing your ideas on the following subjects:


* Drama's living in shared accommodation - rows over the cleaning, fridge issues, bills, noise, landlord issues, etc

* Internet Trolling

* I.D Fraud - both committing it and being the victim of it

* Buying illegal medications over the Internet

* Career frustrations - being stuck in a dead-end job

* The perils of online dating

* The perils, pitfalls and positives of social media

* Being in a manipulative, controlling romantic relationship

* Creative ambition and reality TV show singing auditions

* Confused sexuality, bi-sexuality and the reality of 'coming out' in 2020

* Gym culture and the pressures of body image - on both men and women

* Religion, spirituality and the emerging new age self-empowerment culture

* Neighbour feuds and disputes


Sample Storyline

Below is a sample storyline to help you structure and present your ideas. We recommend using your own real life experiences and dramatising events that you yourself know and understand - having personally lived through them - to create the best storyline ideas, instead of copying ideas you've already seen on other soaps.


The more emotive and detailed you can make it, the better your idea will read.


Keep an eye on our social media pages for informative video tutorials.


We look forward to receiving your ideas and having you help create the comedy, drama, romance and suspense of E-Drama.  



This following is an example of how to present a story idea only. It is not reflective of characters or events to be included in the E-Drama serial.
One summer day, Jeremy (aged 9) and his best friend Ricky Huskisson – better known as ‘Frog’ due to his husky, croaky voice – decide to go fishing. Jade, Jeremy’s needy, goody two shoes twin sister accompanies them and Ricky leads them through a wood to a lake situated on private land. When Jeremy asks if they’re allowed on private property, Frog tells him all the local kid’s fish there. 
Jeremy and Frog begin fooling around. Enjoying themselves, laughing out loud, they attract the attention of an old man named Harry Wise who lives in a house nearby. Harry is the owner of the private land and tells Jeremy, Jade and Frog to clear off, saying kids like them are ruining his property and the environment by fishing in his lake. Frog hurls abuse at him causing Harry to leave in disgust. Before he departs however he threatens the kids to “scarper”, or else! 

Jade feels guilty about Frogs behaviour and demands to be taken home. She moans at Jeremy, begging him to take her, but when he refuses she wanders off by herself. Jade fails to return home later that evening. 

Shortly after Jade’s departure, Harry returns giving the boys one more warning to get off his land. Frog again verbally insults him, to be silenced when Harry aims a shotgun in his direction. Fed up with kids like them, thinking they need to be taught a lesson, Harry leads the two boys at gunpoint to a shed in his garden where he locks them both inside. Jeremy and Frog are now frightened! 
It’s beginning to get late when Aaron - Jeremy’s dad - arrives home after a long day at work, voicing his concerns about the whereabouts of his son and daughter. After an unsuccessful local search, he rounds up some other family members forming a search party. Guy – his eldest son – mentions the fishing lake and they stake out the area, to be alarmed when they come across the boy’s abandoned fishing gear. Calling out the boys names, they manage to find a lost Jade who responds to their calls. She’s been lost in the woods for hours.  

Jade tells them about their run in with Harry and Guy suggests they call the police, but Aaron is determined to check out Harry first. He calls at his house, asking if he’s seen his missing son and friend, but Harry denies all knowledge of ever seeing them. (Jade knows this to be a lie.) Aaron says he’ll have to call in the police and, realising he’s no mobile reception, asks if he can use Harry’s telephone. To this, Harry slams the door in his face. 

Knowing something’s wrong, Aaron begins calling out his son’s name and Jeremy and Frog respond from the shed where they’re imprisoned. Discovering the boy’s are locked in, Aaron tells Guy to call the police while he tries to rescue the boys. Checking to make sure they’re unharmed before telling them everything will be okay - he’ll get them out soon – he freezes when Harry points the shotgun at his head saying:  “Oh yeah?” (end of episode) 

Aaron remains calm, explaining the police are on their way. On hearing this, Harry lowers the gun and apologises saying he was only trying to protect his land. Releasing the boys from the shed, Jeremy is reunited with his concerned family just as the police arrive. Harry is arrested and taken away for questioning, while a shaken Jeremy and Frog realise the consequences of their trespassing. The kids are taken home where Jeremy is chastised for letting his sister wander off, getting lost in the woods on her the own. 

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